Leather Master Leather Degreaser - Leather Grease and Oil Remover

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How to remove oil and grease stains from leather effectively? Leather Master Leather Degreaser draws grease and oil stains out of leather, trapping them on the surface where they can be easily removed.

1. To remove greasy or oily stains.
2. To remove stains caused by hair and body oils.

1. Removes ingrained greasy and oil marks that other cleaners can not remove.
2. Suitable for use on even the most sensitive leathers.

Cleaning power: High
Dwell Time: Varies from minutes to over night depending on the amount of grease/oil present.
Suitable for: Pigmented leather, aniline leather, nubuck and suede
Available sizes: 75 ml aerosol, 200 ml aerosol, 500 ml paste,  Nubuck Care Kit

Use with:
- Leather Soft Cleaner, Leather Strong Cleaner or Nubuck Cloth
- A suitable protection product


Be patient! Grease and oil stains can take time to remove.  Allow the product to dry naturally. Do not
force dry. When the product is completely dry it will form a white or yellowish powder on top of the leather
that can be brushed or vacuumed off.

If the area is heavily stained, several applications may be needed to completely remove all traces of the stain.

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