Leather Master Super Cleaner Alcohol-based Leather Stain Remover

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Leather Master Super Cleaner is a strongest cleaner in our Leather Care products range. It will remove dye transfer, newspaper print and deep stains when nothing else will. It will also remove old ink stains.

1. To remove deep, tannin stains, like red wine, coffee, or mustard.
2. To remove dye and print transfer.
3. To remove old ink stains.

1. High power cleaner.
2. Alcohol-based allows the cleaner to remove stains that water-based products will not remove.

Cleaning Power: Very high  (recommended for professional use only)
Suitable for: Pigmented Leather
Available in 50ml, 250ml, and 1L

Use with:
- Leather Soft or Strong Cleaner
-  A suitable protection product
- Sherlock Colour System

Super Cleaner is an alcohol-based product – it must be used with caution. Always apply enough
product to the cloth to allow the product to draw the stain out without rubbing. Do not create friction.
Friction may damage the topcoat and remove colour. You can water this product down with distilled water
to make it less aggressive.

In most cases, you will need to recolour and refinish the affected area after cleaning. If you are unable to
remove all traces of the mark , you can use Pre-Bottom C prior to applying touch up colour to help prevent
any remaining ink, tannins or dyes from bleeding through.

Please note, because Super Cleaner is alcohol-based , you will need to neutralise the leather after cleaning. To do this simply clean the area with Leather Soft, Leather Strong Cleaner or distilled water.

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