Leather Master Leather Universal Cleaner

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Leather Master Universal Cleaner is a high power, water-based stain remover, strongest cleaner in this range designed to tackle heavy soiling and difficult stains such as coffee or red wine.

1. To remove heavy soiling
2. To remove difficult stains.

1. Water-based.
2. Will not damage the leather or finish.
3. Contains a feel agent to maintain the leather’s
soft feel.
4. High power cleaner.
5. Easy to use.
6. Universal Cleaner foam, created using a foaming
bottle or sponge, can be used to remove stains
from delicate leathers, such as aniline and pull-
up leather

Stonger cleaners are tougher on dirt,  and they can also be tougher on leather, but with Universal Cleaner, it contains a special feel agent to protect leather from drying. Available in  20ml (foaming bottle), 1L, 5L, individual wipes, and 60 wipe tub.

Suitable for Pigmented Leather. Do not use on aniline, nubuck or suede leathers.

Cleaning power: High
Recommended frequency: As needed
Suitable for: Pigmented leather
Drying time: 5–10 minutes

TIPS: To prevent over wetting the leather and to improve the products cleaning power, apply Universal
Cleaner as a foam, not a liquid. To create foam, apply the cleaner to a sponge and squeeze until the product foams, or use a foaming bottle (recommended when purchasing the 1 and 5 litre sizes, the 200ml size comes in a foaming bottle).

Note: We earnestly suggest that you check you leather for colour fastness before applying any product for the first time. This is particularly important when applying products to sensitive leathers such as aniline and nubuck. To do this apply a small amount of the product to a clean, white cloth. Rub the cloth gently on a hidden area of the furniture, check the cloth to see if any colour has transferred. Allow the area to dry for 30 minutes, and check if there are any changes to the colour of the leather. To shorten the drying time, the area can be dried using a hair dryer. Hold the hair dryer at least 30 cm from the leather and dry the area using a slow sweeping motion. Take care not to over-heat or burn the leather. If you notice colour transfer or any visible changes to the leather, do use the product on that piece of furniture.