Tork® Industrial Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloth Combi Roll 160x1

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Tork Industrial Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth with exelCLEAN offers superior strength and excellent cleaning efficiency which is ideal for tough cleaning, degreasing and removing stubborn spots.

Cloths fit in the Tork Folded Wiper/Cloth Dispenser W4, protecting cloths from dust and dirt.  It works with many solvents and protects hands from heat and metal scraps.
System Identifier W1/W2/W3
Material Non Woven
Cloths Per Pack 160
Sheet Size 38cm x 32cm = 1,216 sqcm
Case Packaging Cardboard carton
Case dimensions (L x W x H) 264mm x 264mm x 335mm
Case Gross Weight 2.60kg
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