Aero Ova-8 Kevlar 13m Extension (3m) Pole

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Extension for use with the Aero Ova-8 10m pole to extend your pole to 13m (4 storeys).  Aero Ova-8 16m Extension can be added to this.

- Oval-shaped with two flat sides for better ergonomic grip and less stress on the hands.
- Clamps have half the work load only having to prevent the pole sections from moving up or down rather than preventing spinning.
- Anti-rotational pole with kevlar wear pads under the clamping points to extend the life of sections and clamps.
Extended length: 3.0m (10′)
Closed length: 1.7m
Sections: 2
Approx. pole weight: 750g
Handle diameter: 42mm
Material: 100% carbon with kevlar wear pads
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