Kraft Beta Brown Eco Hand Towel Slimline Size

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Kraft Beta Brown Eco Hand Towel Slimline is 100% recycled and becoming more popular and stylish than white paper due to its natural appeal and the ability to look cleaner longer without showing up as much soiling plus it's economical. The pulp is quite strong and has good wet strength, which means it doesn't fall apart as quick as traditional recycled papers.

This slimline brown recycled hand towel is 230mm wide x 237 long (unfolded), If you are unsure what paper goes into your dispenser, the crucial measurement is the depth.  This means how far is it from the back of the dispenser to the front. So take a piece out , refold it and measure. It should be under 8 cm deep. However, if you don't get this right, too many sheets will come out or they will be too tight to even dispense. This paper has a good embossing which adds to the feel of thickness and strength, similar to an embossed paper. This size is a good choice for high traffic washrooms.
Packaging 20 packs of 200 = 2,400 sheets per carton.
Dimensions 23cm wide x 24cm approx long +  8cm deep approx
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