Tectaloy Unlmtd Ready To Use Pre-mix Coolants

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Tectaloy Unlmtd Ready to Use Pre-Mix Coolant is designed to meet the everyday demands of petrol and diesel vehicles. Its unique formula allows extra cooling system protection when required, such as four-wheel driving, towing heavy trailers or caravans.


- Ready to Use.
- 10 Years or 1,000,000km
- -19°C Anti-Freeze Protection.
- +125°C Anti Boil Protection.
- 100% Corrosion protection when used as directed.
- An excellent choice for high-performance multi-valve engines.

Tectaloy Unlmtd Ready to Use Pre-Mix is an Organic Acid Technology (OAT) radiator coolant, pre-mixed to 33% glycol concentrate. This is the perfect choice of coolant for applications where an extra load is placed on the engine.

1. Refer to the owners manual for cooling system capacity
2. Drain cooling systems and flush with clean soft or demineralised water
3. For best results use Tectaloy Plus Mukowt Radiator Flush
4. Add the required amount of Tectaloy Unlmtd Ready to Use Pre-Mix, do not add water
5. Run the engine, bleed the cooling system correctly, ensuring the thermostat is open and check level
 when cool
6. Maximum useful life of 10 years or 1,000,000km when used as recommended
Do not mix coolants

Download Tectaloy Unlmtd RTU Pre-Mix Coolant Green SDS
Download Tectaloy Unlmtd RTU Pre-Mix Coolant Blue SDS
Download Tectaloy Unlmtd RTU Pre-Mix Coolant RED SDS

Specifications Contains 33% ethylene glycol.
Type A Coolant.
OAT corrosion inhibitors.
Silicate, phosphate & amine free.
Available in Green, Red to suit your OEM requirements
Exceeds Australian Standards AS2108-2004
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