Tectaloy Unlmtd Concentrate Coolants

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Tectaloy Unlimtd Concentrate Coolant is designed to meet the everyday demands of petrol and diesel vehicles. The unique formula of Tectaloy Unlmtd Concentrate allows extra cooling system protection when required, such as four-wheel driving, towing heavy trailers or caravans.

• Concentrate.
• 10 Years or 1,000,000km.
• -37°C Anti-Freeze Protection.
• +129°C Anti Boil Protection.
• 100% Corrosion protection when used as directed.
• An excellent choice for high-performance multi-valve engines.
• Silicate, phosphate & amine free.
Tectaloy Unlmtd Concentrate is the latest development in extended life technology, offering maximum Anti Freeze/Anti Boil & corrosion protection for your cooling system. Recommended for all vehicles to current model manufacturing standards including petrol, diesel, gas, supercharged, turbocharged and stationary engines.

1. Start with a cool engine. Remove the radiator cap. 
2. Place a container under the drain plug. Open the plug & drain coolant completely. 
3. Close the drain plug and refill the radiator with soft or demineralised clean water. Leave the
radiator cap off. 
4. Run the engine with the heater set on HOT for at least 2-5 minutes (ensuring the thermostat is open). 
5. Repeat steps 2-4 until water drained is clear with no coolant visible. 
TIP: For best results use Tectaloy Plus Mukowt Radiator Flush, as per the directions on the pack. 
6. Drain the radiator again and close the drain plug. 
7. Add Tectaloy Unlmtd Concentrate coolant at the correct dose rate and then fill radiator, using either
soft potable water or preferably demineralised clean water 
8. Follow air-bleeding procedures as per vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. 
9. Re-run the engine with the heater ON (ensuring the thermostat is open), so the coolant circulates.
10. Top up as necessary. Reinstall the radiator cap. 

Download Tectaloy Unlmtd Green Coolant MSDS
Download Tectaloy Unlmtd Blue Coolant MSDS
Download Tectaloy Unlmtd Red Coolant MSDS


• Contains ethylene glycol 1065g/Litre.
• Type A coolant.
• OAT corrosion inhibitors.
• 1L concentrate makes up to 4L of coolant (25% Ethylene Glycol).
• Available in Green, Red and Blue to suit your OEM requirements.
• Exceeds Australian Standards AS2108-2004 Type A.