Chemtech Diesel Power Engine Flush 300ml

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Diesel Power Engine Flush has been specially formulated to gently dissolve and remove internal engine contaminants by suspending them in a high level of dispersants. Its non-solvent formula assures maximum drainage of the contaminants with the used oil, thereby minimising new oil contamination.

Features and Benefits:
- Dissolves varnish, sludge and other contaminants from vital engine parts
- Extends engine life & prepares engine prior to Oil & Filter Change
- Prepares engine to optimise new oil & filter life
- Recommended for new or old petrol, diesel & LPG engines
- Solvent Free, will not damage seals

Directions for Use
Add entire contents of bottle to engine oil. Run engine at idle speed for 15 minutes minimum. For particularly dirty systems the Flush can be left up to 24 hours in the system. With engine turned off, drain old oil while engine is still hot. Install new oil filter and add new oil. Use with each oil change to prevent deposit built up.

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