Cooktop Magic Wipes 20 Pack

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Cooktop Magic Wipes are convenient, biodegradable non-scratch wipes suitable for use on ceramic glass, induction, enamel and stainless steel cooktops. Removes food spills, grease and grime, water marks while polishing the surface to leave it shiny and clean.

- Convenient Cooktop Wipes
- Removes grease & grime
- Biodegradable, non scratch wipes
- 100% Bamboo textured wipes
- Streak free finish

Easy to Use:
1. Open pouch by peeling back the clear label and remove a wipe.
2. When cooktop is cool, wipe the surface in a vigorous circular motion.
3. Turn the wipe over and again wipe the surface clean.
4. For heavily soiled cooktops, use a second wipe.
5. IMPORTANT while surface is still damp, polish your cooktop with a dry soft cloth or paper towel for a streak free shine.
6. Reseal the pouch after each use to prevent drying.
7. Dispose of wipe(s) when finished. Do not flush.


Use Cooktop Magic Wipes after every time you cook.
Always follow appliance manufacturer's care instructions.
When using for the first time test on an inconspicuous area before use.
Once a month, or as needed use Cooktop Magic tube cream cleaner & Protector to clean and polish your cooktop surface.

Ceramic Glass Care
Never slide your saucepan across the surface as this will cause scratches.
Do not use aluminium or copper based cookware as it may leave a metal residue on the surface.
This residue can burn onto and permanently stain your ceramic glass cooktop.
Always cook with a flat based pot/pan of similar size to the element.

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