Water Claw Flash Xtractor II Sub-surface Water Extraction Tool

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Water Claw Flash Xtractor II Sub-Surface Extraction Tool removes more water and dry faster than competitive tools. This sub-surface extration tool is perfect for carpet cleaning applications, particularly when you've got to saturate an area, such as when removing pet urine, and need to thoroughly flush the soiling and cleaning fluids away.


- Removes up to 35% more water than competitive tools
- Fits 1.5" and 2" vacuum hose
- Compact design makes it easy to store and transport
- Ultra durable design withstands a lot of abuse
- Can be used on black water flood jobs

Water Claw Flash Xtractor uses your body weight combined with the vacuum power of a portable or truck mount to quickly remove water from carpet and pad.

It is so easy to use and delivers such incredible results, you'll wonder why you haven't used this before!
How to Use?

You simply connect your vacuum hose to the FlashXtractor II and position it over the wet carpet. Step onto the high-impact-resistant plastic base and watch as your body weight compresses the water out so it can be pulled away through the transparent extraction hose. The patent-pending base design eliminates dead spots, so you can be assured of thorough suction from edge to edge.

No vacuum release is necessary due to the ridges incorporated in the design to optimize airflow and suction. When the water stops flowing, simply pull the handle back to break the suction seal, and then reposition the unit on the next spot. A right-angled vacuum hose connector keeps the vacuum hose out of the way during operation.

The FlashXtractor II features a flexible, telescoping handle that allows the operator to work in tight places under stairs. The handle folds up, allowing for compact storage, and the ability to hang on a wall.  There are no screws to lose or gaskets or seals to lose or replace.
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