Water Claw Flood Tool with Injectors - Water Extractor in Carpets

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If you are still pulling wet pad, then you're wasting time and money. With Water Claw Flood Tool, you can remove up to 90% of the water from both carpet and pad. It works on all types of carpet with pad including cut pile and looped/berber.

- Thick clear acrylic top plate for viewing extraction results
- Vacuum Release. Spring loaded handle automatically breaks vacuum between the carpet and tool for easier and faster flood extraction.
- Clear acrylic top plate is highly resistant to chemical damage
- Medium Model Dimensions - 10” x 17”
- Improved bottom plate for better sub-surface extraction.
- Angled metal vacuum flange helps keep hose out of the way and accepts 1 1/2“ or 2” hose cuffs
- All metal parts are stainless steel, zinc coated, or powder coated
- Telescoping handle easily adjusts for different operators, detaches for easy storage
- Polymer materials are impervious to water

Water Claw Flood Tool is designed for faster and easier flood extraction both in carpet or pad from the surface in preparation to the final drying process. It costs you less and does the job WITHOUT the use of heavy weights.  With its flushing action, it can do even more by thoroughly flushing contaminants from the carpet even while you are doing something else. This has been proven on thousands of flood restorations worldwide  - a must have for the full service professionals.

In doing most flood jobs, or extracting moisture out of your carpet or pad, you don't need to remove either one with Water Claw's Flood Extractor, so BUY NOW!

How Does the Water Claw Flood Tool Work?

The purpose for standing on the Water Claw is not to "squash" the carpet and pad to release water, but simply to facilitate a tight seal between the tool and the face fibers.

The water seal against the bottom plate causes a restriction in airflow, which maximizes existing suction capabilities inside the Water Claw suction manifold. This increased suction not only wants to replace its negative atmosphere by drawing water into the vacum chamber, but because of the several holes placed against the saturated surface, your vacuum's "sub-surface" flood lifting power is supercharged in the same way lifting force is multiplied with a pulley system.

Because the Water Claw is not limited to sucking water off the top side of carpet only, there is no need to use heavy weights concentrated onto a small area for extraction results. The Water Claw operator can be assured that there is no threat of damaging backing in its vulnerable wet state or forcing water through wood sub-flooring.

Sizes Medium 25.4cm x 43.2cm
Large  - 30cm x 53cm