Brightlogic On-Premise Laundry Dosing System

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BrightLogic on-premise laundry dosing systems (OPL) allow you to dose from 1 to 10 chemicals with a flow rate of up to 285ml* per minute.  The space-saving patented double pump head is easy to install and maintain thanks to the quick-tube-change configuration.

Suitable for both intelligent and non-intelligent washing machines up to 35kg, they can be used in relay mode or with a formula select programmer. The laundry dosing systems are available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 pump versions, however you can easily upgrade to a unit with a plug-and-play pump module.

Brightlogic Laundry Dosing Systems are designed for hard-working commercial environments and are the most reliable, easy-to-use and resilient models on the market today. These dispensers work with tunnel machines, card-reader and PLC-controlled machines, small washer extractors and large intelligent and non-intelligent machines that take loads between 5kg and 100kg. These laundry systems are world renowned for their quality and durability. Although this high-end range incorporates some of the most sophisticated programming methods in the industry, other models utilise more basic features – it’s all down to your needs.

- Advanced PCB hardware
-  Brushless motors
- 16 x 4 character illuminated screen
-  Wireless USB communications
- Configure any combination 1–10 pumps
- Easy add-on pump configuration
- Full speed control on all pumps
- Full range of accessories to suit your installation
- Formula select module available for easy access to programme selection
- Independently CE and UL approved

- Programme formula select with wash cycle names
- Prime and stop pumps from the formula select
- Bespoke access codes and screen text
- Twenty programmes as standard
- Chemical usage report including selectable date and time range feature
- Engineer’s test screen to view signal inputs
- Auto formula select setting
- Multilingual programming
- Free programming software
- Relay mode setting
-  Branding options available

Voltage/Frequency 100–240V AC 50–60Hz

L2: 0.4A (100V) – 0.14A (240V)
L4: 0.46A (100V) – 0.16A (240V)
L6: 0.8A (100V) – 0.27A (240V)
L8: 1.14A (100V) – 0.38mA (240V)
L10: 1.48A (100V) – 0.50A (240V)

Power L2: 36W
L4: 41W
L6: 71W
L8: 102W
L10: 133W
Signal Supply 12–240V AC or DC
Outputs Flush Valve 24V DC, 1.25A (10W) max
Buzzer/Lamp 24V DC 500Ma, (10W) max
Flowrate 6mm BrightChem max (100%) 285ml per/min (Using water) 6mm BrightChem min (30%) 70ml per/min (Using water)
Tube Options Grey-Silicone
Control Circuitry 16 x 4 illuminated LCD display,
Programming via 9 external keypad keys,
Security access code
Enclosure Glass-Filled Polypropylene IP45
Approvals EMC89/336/EEC EN61000-6-4:2007 LVD72/23/EEC EN60335-1:2002+A2:2006
Dimensions L2 – 285 x 190 x 166
L4 – 266 x 285 x 166
L6 – 266 x 425 x 166
L8 – 266 x 565 x 166
L10 – 266 x 705 x 166
Weight L2 – 2kg
L4 – 3.55kg
L6 – 5.20kg
L8 – 6.31kg
L10 – 7kg