DTM1000 Trace Minerals Organic Catalyst

Bio Natural Solutions
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DTM1000 Trace Minerals Organic Catalyst is designed to supplement mineral levels that are deficient in shrimp and fish ponds as well as in their diets to develop healthier animals and stronger pon rearing systems.

- Broad trace elements
- Provides natural enriched carbon source
- Reduces toxicity in pond water, soil and animal gut
- Promotes pond water quality
- Helps regulate fluid balance
- Enhances zooplankton health
- Acts as a mycotoxin binder
- Improves balance of acid/base relations
- Increase immune competency
- Acts as a pre-biotic
- Enhances pond soil health

It contains a proprietary broad-based blend of dry trace minerals to be used for the further manufacture of aquaculture feeds and pond water enrichment. DTM1000 is derived from natural resources.