Stink Off Pet Grooming Wipes

Bio Natural Solutions
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Stink Off™ Pet Grooming Wipes are an easy, convenient, very afforable, natural way of cleaning your pet. This best pet grooming wipes will clean and deodorize your dog or kitten without you having to give him a full bath.

- naturally derived formula
- pH balanced
- gentle enough for every part of your pet pal's body
It is designed to bath puppies and kittens and to help remove dirt and unpleasant smells from your pet after walks, during rainy days,  playing in the park, on the beach or just for in between baths when your dog starts smelling a little funky.

It offers a gentle cleaning formula with a pH balance to match your pet's skin and contains moisturizers to support animal skin softness and coat conditioning which is safe for daily use.
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