Compost-a-Pak Singlet Bags Medium Fold 50Pk

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Compost-A-Pak® Singlet Bags are completely plastic free, convenient to use, sustainable alternative, without the harmful environmental impact. These are made of third grade spoilt corn, a grade unsuitable for even animal consumption, and are Australian Certified compostable.

Total of 50 Single Use Bags
Suitable for groceries and general use
Certified to Australian Commercial Composting Standard -AS4736- ABAP10019
Certified to Australian Home Composting Standard –AS5810-ABAP20001
Recommended Shelf Life of 12 months
In Australia, we use over 10 million new single use plastic bags every day. Alternatives such as  degradable bags often just degrade into smaller micro plastics, which can in fact be more harmful, as they are so easily digested by animals.
These high quantity bags, with convenient handles, are made to our minimum thickness standard 30um, which gives you the strength required even if you load litres of litres of milk.
DIMENSIONS 40 x 32 x 3 cm