Betasan Auto Sanitiser Waterless Hand Sanitiser

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Betasan AutoSanitiser Waterless Hand Sanitiser is an easy way to minimise germs and reduce the spread of infection in any area without the use of soap or water. The touch free sensor provides each user with either 1, 2 or 3 doses of Multipurpose Antibacterial Spray that kills 99.9% of common germs.

Betasan Multipurpose Antibacterial Waterless Hand Sanitiser is specially formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E to protect and moisturise your hands, removing harmful bacteria and maintaining your skin’s natural pH balance. This formula is both pleasantly fragranced and gentle for use on both hands and surfaces.

Easy to refill cartridge and consumable window to indicate when consumable is low. Autosanitiser Stations will help encourage hand hygiene and comes with 3 placement options (standalone dispenser, floor stand option, and wall mounting option) to suit any environment.

Stand Alone Dispenser: Small and portable - perfect for desks and reception counter tops. Sits nicely on any flat surface.

Floor Stand Option: Able to stand on most floor surfaces, sturdy and easy to assemble perfect for offices, queues, entry and exit points and anywhere pop up sanitation is required.

Wall Mounting Option: Fixed to the wall - for smaller spaces or areas where constant sanitiser is recommended (ie. kitchen or washroom areas)

The Autosanitiser Station Unit conducts regular battery checks and features an LED to indicate when the battery is low. Takes x3 AAA batteries.

User preset options of 1, 2 or 3 doses of sanitiser - match the delivery of the consumable to the level of sanitation required.

The Autosanitiser Station is ideal for entry and exit points in medical centres, schools, aged care facilities, childcare centres, offices, sport & recreation facilities, clinics, reception areas and other high traffic locations where there is a high risk of cross contamination.