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Aero Command Kevlar Ultra High Modulus 10m (33′) Pole, 7 section. The lightest, strongest and most rigid ultra high modulus carbon fibre pole. Perfect pole for commercial & residential work at any height.

 - Tough moulded outer skin
- Versatile end clamp, able to fit a range of goosenecks and threaded ends.
- Entire pole is high modulus carbon fibre
- Perfect economic choice for commercial and residential work at any height
- DuPont nylon lateral contour clamps
- You’ll notice an enormous difference from your aluminium, fibre glass or carbon fibre pole

Aero Command Kevlar 10m is an Aero Command Kevlar 7m and an Aero Command Kevlar 10m Extension. Now 400+ GPA. The most rigid carbon fibre, and only 2kg.

Convert your Aero 10m to a 13m pole with an Aero 13m Extension. *Please note, pole does not come with brush or pole hose kit.

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