30 Seconds Super Speed Car Boat and Truck Wash 2L

30 Seconds
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30 Seconds Super Speed Car, Boat & Truck Wash is the quickest way to clean your vehicle. It combines hardworking ingredients with our Rapid Hose end Technology to easily clean away dirt, grease and grime from exterior surfaces of your car, boat, truck & trailers.

- Suitable for cleaning boats out on the marina
- Safe on all painted surfaces
- Contains Aromaguard which eliminates bad odours including fish.
- Contains corrosion inhibitors
- Remove deflector for hard to reach areas
- Removes corrosive salts from aluminium, fibreglass, paint, galvanised steel trailers
- Low odour
It includes OFF-RINSE-CLEAN Hose End with removable deflector for hard to reach areas on your truck and boat. It contains powerful surfactants for increased cleaning and Wetting agents for faster spreading and minimises water spotting while leaving a protective shield.
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