Grout Gator - Adjustable Grout and Tile Cleaning Brush

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Grout Gator - Adjustable Grout and Tile Cleaning Brush is designed for a fast and easy way to get tiled surfaces clean . It can clean 2 to 8 times faster than traditional methods. It allows the user to simply unscrew each individual grout brush head and slide to match the width of your grout lines.


- Cut Hours Off Your Cleaning Time
- Cleans Grout 2 - 8 Times Faster
- Fits tile sizes 1" to 13" Inches
- Four brush heads included with floor tool
-  Align Brush heads to fit tile width
- add extra brush heads for use on smaller tiles

The durable and adjustable brush heads slide back and forth to fit over any tile size from 2” to 13”. Remove brush heads for large tile, add brush heads for small tile. Add the steel telescoping Extension Pole for easy reach cleaning on floors, walls, and ceilings. It works inside and outside for every type of grout lines. Engineered for home and industrial cleaning and used by industry professionals since 2012.

Say goodbye to the days of using your toothbrush to scrub grout lines. No more bending down on your hands and knees with your back aching in pain. Clean grout and keep your tiles looking as good as new with the Grout Gator Adjustable Grout and Tile Cleaning Brush Brush.

Grout Gator Value Pack Includes:

- Grout Cleaning Floor Tool - Brushes Adjust To Fit Grout Lines Up To 13" Inches Apart. Add More Brush Heads For Smaller Tiles.
- Adjustable Extension Pole - Extends to 48" Inches
- 4 Pack of Replacement Brush Heads