100L Water Trolley Cart with 33m 12mm (OD) Hose on Steel Reel

  • Description

Take your water with you with this high quality 100L water trolley cart complete with pump, hose reel and hose. Ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas.

100L Water Trolley Cart Features:
- Stainless steel handle, back plate and footrest
- Stainless steel shaft with indestructible mounted wheels that can each carry 400 kilos
- High-end battery of 40AH with an Exide 4AH / 12V battery charger
- Rubber tapping block on the bottom to stop shifting
- Osmoworks controller, rectus connection, connection load current 12 volt
- Chrome drain valve on the lowest point so you can purify water on location and thus connect the trolley to the tap to fill the trolley directly
- Powerful 100 PSI SHURflo pump
- Superior balance, making it a dream to move
- Connect to your pole hose to use for glass cleaning, or use for spraying