Diamond Glazing 350g Metal Tarnish and Corrosion Treatment

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Diamond Glazing is an excellent tarnishing and corrosion treatment for metals such as copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and other alloys. It is a quick drying, very durable, non-yellowing protective chemical structure.

It can be applied over metals, plastics, solvent and water based paints. Diamond Glazing is ideal for the protection and beautification of all plastics such as vehicle parts and architectural fittings.

Diamond Glazing will chemically attach itself to the treated surface and protect it from all forms of weathering, soiling and corrosion. Precision formulating makes it possible to protect the delicate components in circuit boards. Diamond Glazing ensures insulation from destructive elements.

Pretest all substrates for surface compatibility and adhesion. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and free from grease, oil, dirt and rust scale. Lightly sand previously painted or glossy surface with #400 or finer abrasive paper.

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