Agar 2020 Gloss Floor Sealer Finish

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Agar 2020 Gloss Floor Sealer Finish is extremely glossy, highly buffable & durable. Scratches and scuffs easily removed. For vinyl tiles, linoleum and timber floors.It can also be used on marble and terrazzo floors that have first been sealed with FIRST BASE Sealer.

- floors will sparkle when burnished.
- is readily strippable.
- Stays shiny for longer because of its high scratch repair.
- Responds to both gas and electric buffing machines.
- Excellent for supermarkets and other busy floors.
- Takes the comb
2020 GLOSS is based on a new advanced polymer which provides improved durability for use in supermarkets where it buffs up easily under UHS buffing machines to provide a crystal clear, dazzling gloss. Floors coated with 2020 GLOSS achieve peak gloss after only one or two buffs and they retain their sparkle through the day because of the toughness of the new polymer.