Agar Safety Bleach Oxy Bleach Detergent Powder 10kg

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Agar Safety Bleach is a blended sanitising powder based on safe oxygen bleach. Phosphate-free. Excellent for pre-soaking, bleaching and sanitising of general clothing and nappies. Safe on coloured fabric.

- Sanitises and destains in one step.
- Safe on coloured fabrics – will not bleach colours.
- Anti-bacterial laundry powder designed for general washing where the wash temperatures required for thermal disinfection are not available.
Agar SAFETY BLEACH is a safe and effective oxygen bleach for use as a brightener for washing clothes and as a soaker for removing hard-to-shift stains. The safe oxygen bleach can be used to remove stains from cotton, polyester, linen, acrylic and synthetic blends and will not affect colour-fast dyes.

It is also a good stain remover for soaking cutlery, teacups and plates in the kitchen prior to dishwashing. It also finds application in removing carpet stains eg. coffee, tea, wine, juice and more.