Agar Mop Oil

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Agar Mop Oil is a versatile penetrating oil which can be used as a wooden floor treatment and as a dust mop treatment to assist in attracting and holding dust.

It can be used to treat wooden and cork floors. It is also used to treat cotton dust mops. Note: Mop Oil is not suitable for use with surface finishes.
Agar Mop Oil Features:

Floor Treatment:
- A clear satin floor finish with penetrating oils.
- Absorbs into the cells of the wood.
- Easy to spread.
- Will never crack, blister or peel off.
- Allows wood to ‘breathe’ while making it resistant to spills and stains.
- Can be renewed without the need for sanding.
Mop Treatment::
- Attracts dust and holds it on the mop fibres.
- Increases life of floors by reducing the abrasive effects of tracked in dirt and dust.

Safety Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

Colour Transparent colourless liquid
Odour Similar to turpentine
pH not applicable
Sizes 5L, 20L
Codes MO5, MO20
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