Agar Satin Finish Floor Sealer 10L

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Agar Satin Finish Floor Sealer is an acrylic low-gloss, non-reflective transparent floor sealer, with maximum toughness and mark resistance. Satin Finish will minimise reflections and glare, it dries to form a film.

- requires minimal stirring, easy to lay
-  non-slip when dry.
- makes it easier to produce a uniform, streak-free coating.
- dries to a non-reflective, very low sheen coating
-  clear and colourless.

- a hard-wearing, tough coating that will last well even under heavy traffic.

Agar Satin Finish Floor Sealer is ideal for use in buildings where sun-glare would be uncomfortable. It is excellent because it will minimise reflections and glare. Suitable for applications to all normal floors, including vinyl, timber, stone, terrazzo and concrete.

Agar Satin Finish MSDS and PDS

pH 9.0 ± 0.5
Odour Faint ammonia odour
Colour Milky white liquid
Size 10L
Code SAT10
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