Nilotron Full-Release Aerosol Odour Neutralizer 177g

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Nilotron Full Release Odor Counteractant contains Super N Concentrate, the most technologically advanced method of odor neutralization. It completely eliminate difficult odours.

- One can neutralizes odors in an 8,000 cu. ft. area
- Neutralizes severe odors from smoke, floods, fires and decay
- Odor Neutralizing Fogger
- Uses: fire and smoke damage, apartment cleaning, homes, warehouses and garbage areas
Nilotron Full Release aerosol 177g will neutralize the most severe malodors such as fire, smoke, floods,decay, etc in the air in an 8,000 cubic foot area. Place aerosol on a protective covering in the center of area to be treated.


Smoke and Burn Odours
After cleanup is complete, use aerosol to neutralise odours. One can eliminate odours in a 8,000 cubic foot area
Flood/Water Damage
Dampness, mould and mildew Use aerosol to get rid of damp, mildew odours.
KitchensSmoke and Cooking Odours 
Can be used as handheld, partial release for smaller concentrated areas
Pet Odours
Remove Animals and use Nilotron Full Release Odour Counteractant to eliminate inherent animal odours.
Room Odours
Use in conjunction with turnover cleaning
Smoke and Pet Odours
Use as hand held spray for partial release.
Hotel/MotelRoom Odours
For severe room odours, great for use after painting
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