Agar SD-37 Degreaser Detergent

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Agar SD-37 Degreaser Detergent is an alkaline water-based solvent cleaner that removes the toughest dirt, mud, oil films, grease, grime and soot from floors, equipment, machinery, walls, showers and vehicle bodies.

- has a thousand and one uses in workshops, factories, garages – in fact, anywhere you find dirt, oil and grease
- Ideal for shower-cleaning –removes body fat and soap build-up
- attacks all oily, fatty dirt and washes it away easily
- is a foaming cleaner that removes grease and fat
It is a lemon-scented cleaner, fast-reacting, powerful detergent suitable for a diverse range of degreasing and heavy-duty cleaning tasks.  Attacks oil, fat and dirt and easily washes it away.  Hard-surface cleaner for application by spray and-wipe, mop, sponge or scrubbing machine.

Download Agar SD-37 Degreaser Detergent MSDS and PDS

COLOUR Transparent orange liquid
ODOUR Lemon perfume
pH 11 – 12 (at 1:60), 12-13 (neat)
FOAM Medium foam
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