Agar Nu-Glo Vinyl Rubber Polish and Protectant

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Agar Nu-Glo  is a water-based, odourless and non-flammable polish and protectant for vinyl, rubber, sealed wood, plastic and finished leather surfaces. As oxidation and the effects of ultraviolet light can damage such surfaces, Nu-Glo leaves a rich coating of silicone oils on the surface which repels these harmful external agents.


- provides glossy long-lasting finish
- protects surfaces - makes dusting and cleaning easier
- protects against oxidation.
- enriches vinyl and rubber

Agar Nu-Glo is a blend of emulsified, substantive silicones designed to clean and protect surfaces and leave a glossy, uniform finish. It is useful for treating car dash-boards and tyres, escalator belts, vinyl furnishing surfaces, counter-tops, stainless steel panels, plastic surfaces, interior woodwork and finished smooth leather chairs.
NOTE: NEVER apply NU-GLO to floors, steps, seats, steering wheels, car pedals, motor cycle seats or any other surface where slipperiness would be a hazard.

Download Agar Nu-Glo MSDS and PDS

Colour White Milky Liquid
Odour Lavender Fragrance
pH Level 6.0 ± 0.5
Polish Type Silicone Emulsion
Sizes 500ml, 5L
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