Agar Leather Care Cleaner Conditioner and Protector

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Agar Leather Care is a cleaner, conditioner and protector for smooth, fully-pigmented, finished leather surfaces. It is formulated with mild, biodegradable detergents so it cleans gently but effectively.

Features: - contains beeswax and lanolin to moisturise the leather. - provides resistance against stains, spots and spillages. - rejuvenates the leather leaving it soft and supple. - increases the durability of the leather.
Great when used on fully-pigmented, smooth leather surfaces such as leather lounge suites, leather upholstery in motor cars, handbags, jackets, shoes and boots. As it dries it leaves a wax-rich film that impregnates the leather to both improve the sheen and moisturise.
Caution Agar Leather Care is not suitable for use on suede, nubuck, fabrics, aniline-or unfinished-leathers. Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for cleaning leather items. Download Agar Leather Care MSDS and Product Info
Colour Milky White Liquid
Odour Faint spicy perfume
pH Level 8.5-9.5 +/- 0.5
Coverage 100 –200 sq metres per litre
Pack Sizes 1L and 5L