Agar Cleansing Powder 5kg

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Agar Cleansing Powder is a mild-abrasive, non-scratching powerful cleaner with detergent and chlorine to remove dirt and stains from hard surfaces. It has a lemon scent to leave surfaces with a fresh lemon fragrance.

This powder detergent is ideal for use on sinks, basins, showers, toilets, benchtops and stoves. It will not scratch glass, porcelain, enamel or hard metals.

Agar Cleansing Powder contains alkaline sodium salts together with anionic surfactants and powdered chlorine.  Chlorine is released when the product comes in contact with water. CLEANSING POWDER thus also has a sanitising, germ-killing action.

- Sprinkle CLEANSING POWDER lightly on the surface being cleaned and wipe with a damp cloth or sponge to remove soil and stains.
- Rinsing with clean water will reveal a clean and shiny surface.

Caution: Do not mix CLEANSING POWDER with any other chemicals or dangerous chlorine gas may be liberated. Avoid use on easily
- scratched surfaces such as acrylic modular showers, Perspex screens and soft metals (e.g. Gold tap handles).
Download Agar Cleansing Powder MSDS

Colour White, free-flowing powder
ODOUR Lemon scent
AVAILABLE CHLORINE 0.5 % or 5000ppm
FOAM Produces moderate foam levels when moistened and scrubbed
pH Level 7.0 +/- 0.5
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