Agar Jetsol Detergent Stain Remover

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Agar Jetsol Detergent Stain Remover is a powerful grease cutting cleaner which attacks and dissolves a wide range of soils, including ink, from washable hard surfaces.  It contains powerful surfactants and water-soluble solvents for rapid attack of soilage and stains.

- Excellent remover of hard-to-shift tools
- Non-Flammable
- Removes even ink, glue and grease marks.
Jetsol concentrated water-based cleaner and stain remover will clean all washable hard surfaces - walls, stoves, laminex, glass, shower recesses, paintwork, venetian blinds, porcelain,  stainless steel, chrome etc. This general purpose hard-surface detergent and ink remover is recommended for bank counters and desks in schools and offices.

1. Apply Jetsol solution by spray, cloth or mop, depending on the type of surface to be cleaned.
2. Make up the correct dilution of JETSOL with water (see below)
3. Mop or spray the JETSOL solution onto the surface and allow it to penetrate the stains.
4. Wipe with a clean cloth or mop to remove the marks and soilage

Dilution Rates:
Light Soilage: Dilute 1 part of JETSOL with 10 parts of water.
Medium Soilage: Dilute 1 part of JETSOL with 4 parts of water.
Heavy Soilage and Stains: Use neat JETSOL.

Avoid prolonged contact between JETSOL and uncoated aluminium and water-based paints.

Download Agar Jetsol Detergent Stain Remover MSDS

Colour Transparent, odourless liquid
Odour Mild Solvent Odour
pH 10.5
Foam Low Foaming