Agar Superforce Heavy Duty High Performance Detergent

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Agar Superforce Heavy Duty High Performance Detergent is the most powerful in the All Purpose and Floor Cleaners range that can remove the toughest of soils including oily films, fat, carbon, smoke deposits, ink spills, bathroom build up and more. Ultimate balance between cleaning power, versatility and safety to use.

Key Benefits:

    Suspends dirt and soil – won’t redeposit onto floor.
    Low suds – ideal for autoscrubbers.
    Works equally well in hard water.
    Effective in hot or cold water: no rinsing necessary
    Concentrated – goes further than other cleaners.
    Highly active cleaner, sanitiser, deodorant. Dilutes up to 1 in 160.

Agar Superforce is a concentrated heavy duty cleaner and deodorant, - safe on all washable surfaces.  All surfaces not harmed by water including all floors, polished vinyl, tiles, walls, car tyres, upholstery, venetian blinds, glass, porcelain, kitchen ducting and stainless steel. Available in 1L, 5L and 20L.

1 part SUPERFORCE in 10 parts water – for heavy duty cleaning, degreasing, tyre cleaning and removing ingrained dirt.
1 part SUPERFORCE in 60 parts water – for maintenance floor cleaning.
1 part SUPERFORCE in 80 parts water – for autoscrubbing terrazzo and vinyl.
1 part SUPERFORCE in 160 parts water  - for light duty cleaning of venetian blinds, glass, porcelain, ceramic tiles, cars and stainless steel.

Download Agar Superforce MSDS 

Colour Transparent Pink Liquid
Odour Strong Spice Floral Perfume
pH 11 -11.5
Foam Low to moderate foaming