Deb Stoko Kresto Universal Wipes Hand Cleaning Wipes Pack of 150

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Deb Stoko Kresto Universal Wipes are easy to use, highly effective, powerful heavy duty general hand cleaning wipes for removing oil, grease and grime. For use without water while at the work station and for mobile workers.

It has a citrus fragrance which makes this pleasant to use and leaves the skin smelling fresh, soft and supple after use due to its moisturiser content.
Use a single wipe directly on hands. Rub well until soiling is removed.

Highly EffectiveThe strong fabric is impregnated with powerful, heavy duty cleansing ingredients to produce a wet wipe that efficiently and conveniently removes oil, grease and grime.
Powerful Tough, extra large wipes are strong and absorbent, acting quickly and effectively, leaving no sticky after-feel.
No need for water The impregnated wipes absorb contaminants from the skin with no need for rinsing with water.
Versatile Can be used at the work-point for quick cleansing, or on-the-move when working remotely and normal hand washing facilities are not available.
Pleasant Fragrance Fragrance makes the product pleasant to use and leaves the skin smelling fresh.
 Conditions Skin Contains a moisturiser to leave the skin soft and supple after use
 Handy Pack The wipes are dispensed from a handy, easy-to-use container c/w handle
dermatologically tested Very good skin compatibility, minimises the risk of skin irritations
 hygienic The sealed container protects the wipes from contamination and ensure that each one is fresh when used.