Deb Stoko Kresto Special Ultra Hand Cleanser

Deb Stoko
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Deb Stoko Kresto Special Ultra Hand Cleanser is low-odour, non-soapy, special hand cleansers with mild based solvent formulation to remove difficult adherent contaminates. It has a very powerful cleansing action for the removal of paints, resins, and other very stubborn contamination.

AREA OF APPLICATION: For the removal of very stubborn contamination, such as oil-based paints, lacquers, resins, adhesives.

Available in 250ml and 2L.

- Do not wet soiled hands.
 - Rub in Kresto® Special ULTRA thoroughly.
- Loosen dirt using just a little water.
- Thoroughly rinse off dirt and Kresto® classic.
- Dry carefully.

Make sure the room is well ventilated if larger quantities of Kresto® Special ULTRA is used. Avoid any spray forming with Kresto® Special ULTRA. Do not let Kresto® Special ULTRA get onto plastics, they are not meant to be used for cleaning surfaces or for technical purposes.

 Environmental Choice Australia Certified Product 
The product has been independently certified as meeting the requirements of Good Environmental Choice Australia
With mild, ester-based solvent         - Outstanding cleansing action and at the same time good skin compatibility not classified as a combustible product as is the case with conventional
solvent-based hand cleansers
- Low-odour formulation with a high level of consumer acceptance
 No water added Effective and economical cleansing with just small quantities of the cleanser
 Preservative-free Can be used even where there are individual sensitivities to preservatives
 Non-soapy Helps to stop the skin swelling
 Silicon free No adverse effects on vulcanisation process (DIK test) or when painting surfaces (lacquer wetting test)- Can be used in a whole range of production processes
- (DIK: German Institute of Rubber Technology)
 Kresto® Special ULTRA with Astopon® (refined walnut shell powder) - Very fine particle size that is gentle on skin
 - Is biodegradable and poses no problems for waste-water treatment or waste-water sludge
- Produced from a natural and renewable resource
- Easily rinsed away, preventing blocked drains and pipes

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