Ophir Pleat Wrapped Soap

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Ophir Pleat Wrapped Soap is free of titanium dioxide, made from 100% pure vegetable soap enriched with pure verbena essential oil making it mild on your skin and face.  Pleat wrapped soap is a very traditional standard for guest soaps and gift soaps.

It is using paper (not plastic) as the wrapper material with a waterproof inner coating further protect the soap. Available in 20g and 28g.

This vegetable soap should be translucent in color. Some of the soaps is as white as toothpaste that is because it has the additive of titanium dioxide to make it white, which formulators of this soap do not do because they want to keep them natural and pure. Soaps that do not use this additive are also lighter in weight, therefore exhibiting greater volume and better lathering properties.

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