Ophir Sachet Wrapped Soap

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Ophir Sachet Wrapped Soap made from 100% pure vegetable soap enriched with coffee extract and vitamin E which makes it mild for your face and skin.  It is enriched with coconut oil and has an aromatic fragrance of Coffee.

These natural soap bars help renew withered skin. Available in 14g and 24g.

The natural colour comes from the coffee extract. This completely natural vegetable soap offers more than just a skin cleanser without harsh chemicals, it’s also a highly nutritious soap that is loaded with caffeine and rich in EGCG – a naturally occurring antioxidant that helps to combat free radicals which prematurely age and damage the skin.

This vegetable soap should be translucent in color. If the soap is as white as toothpaste that is because it has the additive of titanium dioxide to make it white, which formulators of this soap do not do because they want to keep them natural and pure. Soaps that do not use this additive are also lighter in weight, therefore exhibiting greater volume and better lathering properties. Also some folks just don’t feel comfortable using products containing titanium dioxide.

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