Jasol Multi-Zyme LS Multi Enzyme Drain Cleaner 5L

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Jasol Multi-Zyme LS Multi Enzyme Drain Cleaner contains several enzymes which breaks down and solubilize waste materials, providing the nutrients necessary for rapid bacterial growth and multiplication.


- kills bad smells
- concentrated
- improves tank action
-NZFSA Approved

Directions for Use:

As a cleaner for floors - ablution blocks  etc, Mop with a solution of 100-200g/L water depending on soiling or hand spray Multi-Zyme LS onto the surface at a rate of 1 part Multi-Zyme to 5 parts of water.

As a septic/tank booster: flush 300ml per 1000L septic tank volume down the toilet at the end of the day each week.

As a Drain Cleaner:  Pour 200ml into drain and leave overnight.

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