Jasol Cold-San Oxygenated Sanitiser Additive to Cold-Clean 5L

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Jasol Cold-San Chilled Beerline Sanitiser is a blue coloured hydrogen peroxide based liquid which is specifically designed to provide a flexible cleaning and sanitising system for chilled beer lines in combination with Cold-Clean.

It is free rinsing and has no adverse effect on beer retention.  Effective against most organisms, excellent cleaning properties for all fittings.

Recommended Use and Instructions: Liquid ​Oxygenated ​Sanitiser ​Additive ​to ​Cold-​Clean ​for ​Chilled ​Beer ​Lines ​and ​Fittings.​ ​Add ​COLD-​SAN ​(at ​the ​rate ​of ​100ml) ​and ​COLD-​CLEAN ​(at ​the ​rate ​of ​120ml) ​seperately ​to ​10 ​litres ​of ​cold ​water.​ ​Circulate ​the ​solution ​through ​the ​beerlines.​ ​Then ​flush ​the ​system ​with ​potable ​water.​

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