Jasol Cold-Clean One Shot Chilled Beerline Cleaner 5L

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Jasol Cold-Clean Beerline Cleaner is a biodegradable, brown coloured alkaline cleaner for chilled beer lines that does not require hot water nor the need to remove system's chilling solution.


- total removal of all beer line deposits
- rapid action even in chilled beer-lines.
- Biodegradable
- no adverse effect on beer retention

Jasol Cold-Clean Directions for Use:

​Use ​COLD-​CLEAN ​at ​the ​rate ​of ​120 ​mls ​per ​10 ​litres ​of ​water ​for ​the ​normal ​weekly ​cleaning ​of ​all ​beer ​lines.​ ​ Use ​in ​conjunction ​with ​COLD-​SAN ​once ​per ​month ​for ​the ​total ​sanitisation ​and ​scouring ​of ​the ​beer ​line ​system.​ ​When ​mixed ​at ​half ​the ​concentration ​of ​the ​monthly ​sanitisation ​solution ​COLD-​CLEAN/COLD-​SAN ​can ​be ​used ​as ​an ​ideal ​soak ​for ​Glasswear.​ ​Glasses ​should ​be ​allowed ​to ​soak ​for ​at ​least ​10 ​minutes ​before ​ ​rinsing ​thoroughly ​with ​clean ​potable ​water.​ ​Do ​not ​use ​on ​copper ​or ​brass ​equipment.​