Rubbermaid Executive 35 Qt WaveBrake® Side Press Mop Bucket with Dirty Water Bucket Combo

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Rubbermaid Executive 35 Qt WaveBrake Side Press Mop Bucket with Dirty Water Bucket allows staff to work quieter and more efficiently. It is outfitted with quiet casters preventing cleaners from disturbing guests and a dirty water bucket to separate and hide dirty water from passersby.


- reduces splash up to 40%
- convenient measuring
- diry water bucket
- durable construction
- quiet casters

With the revolutionary shape of the molded-in Wave Brakes, it reduces splash for up to 40% which results in safer, easier and more efficient mopping.

WaveBrake Wringers last 58x longer than comparable injection-molded wringers because of its durable construction.
Executive 35 qt. Grey Dirty Water Bucket nestles below the WaveBrake ® wringer to collect the dirty water and keep it separated from the cleaning solution.


Convenient Measuring using graduated measurement marks on both clean and dirty water buckets.
Dirty Water Bucket separates and hides dirty water from clean water, preserving the quality and cleaning power of cleaning solutions.

Durable Performance designed to exceed 50,000 wringing cycles, while average wringers only perform approximately 860 cycles. For even greater wringing performance, see Rubbermaid's Down-Press WaveBrake® Mop Buckets that can withstand 100,000 cycles (1863898 & 1863899).

Discreet Colours
allows workers to blend into their environment easier. It also helps hide dirt or grime better than other colors.
Quiet Casters are engineered to reduce noise and roll smoother, so workers won't disturb guests and visitors.

Dimensions: L 75.6 x W 41 x H 50.2 cm