Jasol EC36 Multipurpose Cleaner 5L Environmental Choice

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Jasol EC36 Multipurpose Cleaner, phosphate free, environmentally responsible, and highly effective cleaner and degreaser with a fresh lemon fragrance. It is effective for removing the toughest fat, grease and oil soils on floors and walls.

- Biodegradable
- Made from renewable plant resources
 - Environmentally responsible - GECA certified.
- Fresh lemon fragrance
- Phosphate Free
- Non-flammable

It is biodegradable, non-flammable and can be mixed easily with water. It is made from renewable plant resources.

Directions for Use:

For heavy soils, grease oil, etc, dilute EC36 -Multipurpose Cleaner/Spray and Wipe 1 to 6 with water.
For general cleaning dilute 1 to 20 with water.
Apply by cloth, mop or atomiser, rinse with fresh water.
For light duty cleaning of spray on wipe off application dilute 1 to 50 with water.