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Agar Enyclean Detergent Degreaser is a heavy duty detergent with environmentally preferable ingredients. It is a fast acting, powerful cleaner for a broad range of cleaning applications.

- Attacks dirt quickly and easily.
- Is versatile so you can use it wherever you find dirt, oil and grease.
- Environmentally preferable. Awarded Good Environmental Choice License

Agar Enyclean is a concentrated detergent grease-remover. It rips into oil and dirt and lifts it away from the surface. Dirt is suspended and won’t redeposit back onto the cleaned area. It rinses away freely to leave a clean, sparkling surface.

This detergent degreaser is not suitable for use on sensitive aluminium surfaces. Do not allow the product or its solution to dry on aluminium. Rinse it off immediately if contact occurs.

Environmental Care:
Enyclean is a new-generation cleaning liquid formulated for maximum effectiveness with an absolute minimum
impact on the environment. Consider the following features:
- BIODEGRADABLE – Rapidly breaks down into friendly by- products.
- Enyclean is made from renewable and regrowable surfactants. Detergents are derived from coconut oil.
- NO toxic, harmful or ecologically-suspect ingredients: no ammonia, EDTA, NTA, glycol ethers, nonyl phenol
ethoxylates, chlorine or phthalates.

- Scrape off or sweep up all loose soil before cleaning.
- Dilute Enyclean as follows:
Damp mopping – dilute to 1 in 66
Scrubbing – dilute to 1 in 30 with water
Walls, paintwork, upholstery:
Dilute to 1 in 10 with water.
Oven’s, BBQ’s, heavily soiled machinery, smoke stains:
Dilute to 1 in 5 with water.
- Apply the solution by cloth, mop or sponge and then allow
a few minutes dwell-time to break down the soilage.
Scrub with scourer pad or nylon brush if necessary.
- Rinse the surface clean with water.

Color Transparent Brown Liquid
Odour None
pH 12.8 ± 0.5 undiluted
Foam Thick foam with good stability