Recessed Parallel Extended Change Station Full Stainless Steel

ASI JD Macdonald
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Recessed Parallel Extended Change Station is vandal resistant with full stainless steel for use by older children and adults. It supports a static load up to 181kg.

- a dual concealed pneumatic gas spring mechanism for smooth and safe opening and closing;
- hygienic, non-absorbent safety-strap with lockable two step cam-buckle providing effortless size adjustment with one hand;
- easy to clean and resists odours and bacterial growth;
- safety information and universal instruction graphics.

It is made from ABS and 304 grade stainless steel. This unit is ideal in special needs schools, schools with integrated programs, aquatic centres and major sporting centres.

Overall Dimensions: 1646 x 597 x 102 mm
Closed: 1646 x 597 x 12 mm
Open: 1646 x 597 x 443 mm
Rough Wall Opening: 1613 x 552 x 89 mm
Specification: Unit supports a static load of up to 181kg when properly installed in accordance with the Installation and Operating Instructions supplied with the unit.
Warranty and Liability

ASI JD MacDonald Baby Change Stations are guaranteed against defective materials and faulty workmanship for 5 years from date of purchase, subject to being installed and maintained in accordance with the Installation and Operating instructions supplied with the unit.

A  $10 million product liability insurance policy is maintained  on all baby change stations.