Horizontal Baby Change Station Clad Stainless Steel

ASI JD Macdonald
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These Horizontal Baby Change Stations are made from high density polyethylene and satin finished 304 stainless steel. It supports a static load up to 136kg.

Features include:
-  supports a static load up to 136.1kg
- a damped gas spring to assist in opening and closing with one hand
- a bag hook
- a bed-liner dispenser that converts to a multi-fold towel dispenser
- instructions in four languages and an adjustable
- provided with with an adjustable two-part vinyl coated child protection safety-strap
- entire unit is assembled of sealed components meaning no penetration zones to harbour microbes or bacteria.
- Recyclable at end of usable life.

No parts of the operating mechanism are accessible to provide a tamper-resistant and pinch proof user environment.

Available either recessed or surface-mounted units.

Over-all Dimensions 994 x 718 x 100 mm
Closed: 994 x 718 x 10 mm
Open: 994 x 718 x 460 mm
Rough Wall Opening: 902 x 622 x 102 mm
SPECIFICATIONS Unit supports a static load of up to 136.1 kg (tested in excess of 158.8kg) when properly installed in accordance with the Installation and Operating Instructions supplied with the unit.
Material: High density polyethylene body (HDPE) and satin finished 304 stainless steel.

ASI JD MacDonald Baby Change Stations are guaranteed against defective materials and faulty workmanship for 5 years from date of purchase, subject to being installed and maintained in accordance with the Installation and Operating instructions supplied with the unit.

A  $10 million product liability insurance policy is maintained  on all baby change stations.

All  ASI JD MacDonald accessible compliant products when installed must be in accordance with AS1428 to ensure the specified product is complying with all washroom specification requirements.