Toddler Safety Seat for Bathroom

ASI JD MacDonald
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This toddler safety seat is made from high density polyethylene which is durable and non-porous and supports a load up to 22.7kg.

This child protection seat has a three-point adjustable child protection safety belt and the shoulder harness straps are individually attachable. Graphics and instructions in four languages on interior back. Light grey in colour and recyclable at the end of usable life.

No parts of the operating mechanism are accessible when unit is open or closed to provide a tamper-resistant and pinch proof user environment.

Provide an easy place for your toddler to seat while using bathroom.


Surface mount the unit with proper anchoring on all suitable  wall constructions using hardware (by others) through recessed mounting holes provided. Installation instruction sheet is provided with each unit.

To ensure proper installation and compliance with building codes it is recommended that a qualified person install the unit. Wall reinforcement must be suitable to sustain transfer of maximum unit loading.  Mounting hole plug covers are supplied to conceal fasteners after installation.

All  ASI JD MacDonald accessible compliant products when installed must be in accordance with AS1428 to ensure the specified product is complying with all washroom specification requirements.

Overall Dimensions: 318 x 552 x 283 mm
Specification: The unit supports a static load of  22.7kg. When properly  installed in accordance with the Installation and Operating  Instructions supplied with the unit.
Material: High Density PolyEthylene Body (HDPE)
WARRANTY & PRODUCT LIABILITY ASI JD MacDonald Baby Change Stations are guaranteed against defective materials and faulty workmanship for 5 years from date of purchase, subject to being installed and maintained in accordance with the Installation and Operating instructions supplied with the unit.