3M Scotch-Brite High Performance Microfiber Cloth

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3M Scotch-Brite High Performance Microfibre Cloth is designed to lift and trap dust, grease and particles without scattering them across the rest of the surface.  Great for scratch free, streak free cleaning.

Product Benefits:
- Usable dry or damp = versatile.
- Remove oil (including fingerprints), grease, dirt, water and fine dust from surfaces.
- Resistant to most common detergents (including bleach).
- Machine-washable up to 95°C. ; can resist more than 300 washing cycles at 95°C.
- Low linting.
- Streak-free.
- Long-lasting.
- Soft and flexible.
- Pleasant touch.

This micro cloth is an effective way to clean and polish almost any surface without the use of chemicals. The cloth itself is chemical free and picks up dirt, oil and grease without streaking or smearing. The cloth can be reused by throwing it in the washing machine.

The cloth can be used on virtually any surface. Try it on plastic, glass, mirrors, brass, stainless steel, chrome, metal, marble, painted metals, ceramic, fibreglass, electronic equipment, computer monitors. Great for removing lipstick from cups and glasses.

Directions for Use:

Wring thoroughly before damp use.

Where/When to Use:

Can be used on all common cleaning surfaces, even delicate ones, including stainless steel, chromes, enamel, screens, mirrors, windows, plastic, marbles, furniture...

The use of cleaning agents can be avoided in many cases.

Composition: 80% polyester, 20% nylon
Colors Blue, Green,Yellow and Red
Marking Satin Label with Care Instructions
Size 32 x 30cm
Thickness 2.1mm
Basis Weight 245 g/m²
Performance Data -  Absorption (after dripping): 
5 times its initial dry weight.
-  Shrinkage after 5 washing
cycles at 95°C: 9.5 % of ini-
tial size.
Product Disposal Can be incinerated.
Not recyclable, nor biodegrad-
able, nor compostable.
Packaging 40 per case,  10 cloths per pack, 4 packs per case
Packs Available

Pack of 10

Origin Korea
Source of Supply 3M Australia
Chemical Resistance

Tests run by immersion during 2 hours in concentrated liq- uids, following by rinsing with tap cold water.

Softeners    Excellent
Acetone      Excellent
Ethanol       Excellent
Diethyleneglycol  Excellent
Heptane      Excellent
White Spirit Good with hot water
Acetic Acid  Good
Bicarbonate  Excellent
of soda 30%
Bleach 3.6°Cl Excellent
Bleach 48°Cl  Excellent

Results show :
• no color alteration
• no touch change
• same wiping performances and mechanical properties as initial ones