3M™ Oil and Petroleum Sorbent Pads and Rolls High Capacity

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3M™ Oil & Petroleum Sorbents Pads and Rolls are hydrophobic (repel water), and ideal for absorbing oil and Petroleum fluids from places where water may be present. These can be used in or outside the plant.

Features Oil and Petroleum Sorbent Pad:
Scrim on one side increases strength and helps eliminate linting.
Pads are conveniently size and may be re-used.
For use in oil-only Sorbent applications.
Twice as thick as standard pads.
High capacity Sorbent in a low profile design.

Features Oil and Petroleum Sorbent Roll:
Designed to cover large areas.
For use in oil-only Sorbent applications.
Made with a scrim on one side, HP-100 may be wrung out and re-used many times over.
Ideal for lining drawers, covering workbenches, or making areas from oversprays.
Can be cut to cover small areas or may be laid on open waters, shorelines, or discharge streams.

3M™  Oil & Petroleum Sorbent Pads are reusable, conveniently-sized pads are perfect for cleaning up small oil or petroleum spills and wiping contaminated areas. They may also be used on work surfaces in anticipation of a spill. 

3M™ Oil & Petroleum Sorbents Roll offers the versatility to cut-for-use in small areas or lay full size on open waters, shorelines or discharge streams. Ideal for lining drawers, covering work benches or protecting areas from overspray. Can be wrung out and reused many times.

These high capacity sorbents are lightweight, dust free and extremely absorbent to minimize both cost and waste disposal.

Available in traditional, medium and high sorbent capacities.

3M™ Oil & Petroleum Sorbent Rolls are designed to cover large surfaces which can be easily placed in tight areas. It is ideal for cleaning-up small spills and wiping down contaminated areas. They can be cut to the desired length and are one of the most economical ways to purchase sorbent.

3M™ Oil & Petroleum Sorbent Pad is high capacity petroleum sorbent pads have a scrim on one side to increase strength and help eliminate linting. Conveniently sized pads allow the user to quickly spread sorbent over and in the path of a spill.

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Colour White
Sizes and Capacity

Roll - 97cm x 44m x 0.5cm, 277L Capacity
HP156 Pad - 43cm x 48cm x 0.5cm; 1.4L Capacity/Pad
HP255 Pad - 43cm x 48cm x 1cm ; 2.5L Capacity/Pad

Recommended Industry Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Military, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Primary Metals, Transportation
Spill Area Docks/Piers/Boats, Fuel Dispensing Areas, Industrial Machinery/Equipment, Streams/Rivers/Lakes
Spill Type Hydrocarbon Oils - Fuel/Diesel/Motor, Mineral Oils