Pure Water Indoor Window Cleaning Kit

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Pure Water Kit for Indoor Window Cleaning is the easiest, quickest mess-free way to clean windows indoors. You have all the accessories you need.

Kit includes:
1x Optiloc Extension Pole
1 x Microbug Holder
3 x Microfibre Cloths
3 x Microbug Pads
1 x Pure Bottle and 1 x Trigger Sprayer

You just add an Unger DI Resin Filter. No need for squeegees, washers or special skills.

Attach MicroBug Pad to the grips beneath the Bug Holder.
Fit the pole into the socket of the holder and tighten the collar.
Using the Trigger Sprayer, spray DI (dionised) pure water lightly onto the MicroBug Pad.
Extend the pole to the required length.
Rub down the glass surface with the damp pad to remove dust, dirt and grime.
Wash the pad after use.

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