Agar Mop'N'Dry Detergent for Microfibre Mops

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Mop’N’Dry is a strong and fasting drying detergent specially formulated which makes spot cleaning floors quick and easy. It is to be used together with microfibre mops and spray and glide mops.

Key Benefits:

Biodegradable and phosphate free
Easy to apply and quick to dry to minimise OH&S risks.
Effectively breaks down grease and stubborn oil
Makes spot cleaning floors easy and fast


This cleaning solution is biodegradable and phosphate free, fasty drying in order to minimise OH &S Risks. It quickly breaks down greasy and stubborn soil without leaving any residual films on floors, making it excellent for spot cleaning high traffic floors.

Mop'N'Dry can remove all typical soil and spillages including foodstuffs, drinks, cooking oil and general traffic dirt from all types of hard floors. It is concentrated for cost -effective cleaning, and leaves a fresh citrus scent. No rinsing is required.

How to Use Agar Mop'N'Dry Detergent for Microfibre Mops?

You simply spray onto floors and mop over with a microfibre mop. Suitable for all types of floors, the
perfumed detergent is concentrated to boost value and minimise packaging and transport.


Spray and glide mops and spray bottles
- Dilute Mop’N’Dry to 1 in 10 with water into the canister of a spray and glide mop or directly into a
spray bottle.
- Spray the solution onto the spot you are wanting to clean and mop over with the microfibre mop.

Mop buckets

- Dilute Mop’N’Dry to 1 in 10 with water into the microfibre mop bucket.
- Dip the mop into the solution, wring it out, and then spread evenly over the floor being sure to
cover all required areas. During this process, the floor should just be made damp and over
-wetting should be avoided.

Environment Care:
Mop’N’Dry is a new-generation cleaning liquid formulated to provide effective cleaning power over
many different usages with minimum impact on the environment. It is biodegradable, phosphate-free and gentle on floors.


Colour Transparent red liquid
Fragrance Lemon perfume
pH 9-10
FOAM Low to moderate
Shelf Life 2 years
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